Auto-B-Good continues the character building fun with original storybooks in hard or soft cover editions. These beautifully rendered books feature lessons in a variety of character traits and are a wonderful addition to a classroom or a child's bookshelf.

Brand new storybooks!

Being good is easy when people are watching, but when Professor's new hot sauce turns Johnny invisible, he finds being naughty is so much more fun. When the effect wears off, however, his mischievous actions come back to haunt him. Johnny learns a revealing lesson about doing the right thing, even when no one can see you.

A terrifying encounter with the spooky thing that lurks in the junkyard leaves EJ shaken up. But when a fast-talking ghost hunter shows up in town and promises to catch it for him — for a small fee, of course — EJ would do anything to avoid his fear. Back in the spooky junkyard, they all discover things are not as they seem and EJ finds the source of true courage.

After being teased for not being wild enough, Izzi tries a strange set of tires that seem to act upon her every whim. But soon enough the tires begin to take over and transform her into a huge, hairy, out-of-control monster car. Can Izzi take charge of her actions and emotions, or will her monstrous behavior leave her trapped forever?

Professor needs someone to fetch more of his Super Delicious Cotton Candy for the Vehicleville carnival. Hotshot Johnny and modest Derek both promise to deliver, but can they resist the temptation to have a nibble of candy on the trek back? The cars realize how important it is to be trustworthy, and how easily that quality is lost.

EJ knows that running for class president won't be easy, especially when Warren the class bully is doing everything he can to make EJ quit. When a dirty trick leaves EJ humiliated, an old friend helps him see that no matter what happens, EJ is still worthy of respect.

Izzi accepts the responsibility of caring for her new pet robot, OB Jr., and promises not to leave him outside overnight. When she forgets to let him in, the robot goes on a hilarious ruckus across the city. After being confronted by Professor, Izzi learns the importance of taking responsibility for her actions.

Cali and Izzi agree to help Professor in his new fairness experiment. Cali wants to be queen, and Izzi is made her servant. When the roles are reversed, Cali realizes that she should have treated Izzi with more fairness – now she is the one in the position to be treated unfairly.

When EJ accidentally wrecks the birdhouse of his scary neighbor Mr. Crankfender, he will have to work for him to pay for the damage. EJ scoffs at the idea of working more, but changes his mind after getting to know Mr. Crankfender. Eventually he learns the graciousness and good feeling of caring for others.

When it falls upon the gang to take over volunteer duties for their friend Miles, they don't understand why they should volunteer in the first place. As they work in the community they see how much fun it can be and want to continue volunteering after Miles returns. They realize Miles is a great example of what it means to be a good citizen.