Critical response to Auto-B-Good has been amazing. We’ve received fan letters from across the nation and around the world. Parents and educators appreciate the strong positive messages and kids love the fun stories and engaging characters.

We asked a few critics around the blogosphere to review our show. Here’s what they said:


“Auto-B-Good, In the Land of Odds is a cute movie for kids that involves cars, moral values, character qualities, and story lines with kid appeal.  The colors in the movie are very eye-catching, as are the characters.”

The IE Mommy

“My favorite part of the entire DVD was the wonderful music videos that ended each episode. I was singing, whistling and humming those little tunes for days after watching the DVD. They were catchy and modern. Not created for a nursery but for your young children that love music.”

The Mom Reviews

“When you include this kind of concept in a fun cartoon, soon “respectful” means treat others like you want to be treated. Now my youngest says, “if I want my friends to be nice, I will be nice to them!” That’s huge!”

Blaze ‘n’ Crochet

“I have to say that this show is one of the BEST shows I have seen in forever. No kidding, no sugarcoating. I LOVE IT!”

A Proverbs Wife

“A few weeks ago I watched In The Land of Odds with my children, after they had already watched it twice by themselves. By the time we watched it together they’d already memorized some of the funniest scenes from the video. I was shocked at how funny In The Land Of Odds was.”

To. Be. Thode

“I have already recommended these videos to some MOMS friends for their little ones because the message is good, the cartoons are cute, and the kids love it! As a mom, I can say that I love Auto-B-Good too (and so will you!).”

Reviews from the Crib

“Later in the day, after they watched the video i was able to refer to the episode on “goodwill” as we talked about assuming the best about others, instead of immediately believing the worst about their intentions and actions.”

A Busy Mom of Two

“I think the premise was a great one. I think that the quirky characters and the stories told certainly expressed the lesson at hand without making it feel like a lesson and in the short period of an episode.”

Sunflowers, Chocolate, and Little Boys

“These cars teach wonderful lessons to children. The episodes are short and to the point. Which is great for little ones with short attention spans.”

Granola Mom 4 God

“I liked this series. I would let my children watch more Auto-B-Good episodes…”

Bless their Hearts Mom

“Overall I would say that this is a great educational tool for kids, as it teaches manners in a very approachable way for children to understand.”

Madame Deals.

“If your child likes cars and bright colors, they are sure to enjoy this DVD! Parents will enjoy the lessons being taught and the low price!”


“I don’t know how I’ve never heard of this series before…Someone has to air this Emmy award-winning show for my girl!”

The Mama Zone

“…it’s definitely fun, engaging and insightful.”